WARREN KNIGHT: Bass Guitar and Vocals
DWIGHT BEMENT: Sax, Keys, Vocals
DAVE “THUMPER” HENRY: Drums, Percussion and Vocals
ROCKY MITCHELL: Guitar and Vocals
PETE SANTILLI: Keyboard and Vocals

“Band is a team sport” - FLASH CADILLAC





What the critics say:

“...when Flash Cadillac combined it’s ‘50s and ‘60s rock ‘n’ roll repertoire with the music of the Colorado Springs Symphony, the world’s first 80-piece rock ‘n’ roll band was born.”
-(Colorado Springs) Gazette Telegraph

“FLASH CADILLAC...the best rock and roll stage act I've ever seen...including The Rolling Stones.”
-Rolling Stone Magazine

“And while Jerry Lee Lewis may be ‘The Killer’, Flash Cadillac stole the show with their no holds barred act...”
-Modesto Bee

“...their live performances prove they can cut all competition to ribbons.”
-Rolling Stone Magazine

“FLASH CADILLAC has been ahead of their time in more ways than will ever be recognized.”
-Phonograph Record Magazine

“Flash Cadillac rolled into the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Saturday night and promptly remade the Tulsa Philharmonic in its own image.”
-Tulsa World Staff

“These men put on an electrifying performance and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves while doing so.”
-The Calgary Herald

“The group is a virtual encyclopedia of rock's last (30+) years...supremely entertaining.”
-The Denver Post

“Anyone who laments the passing of rock 'n roll...should shake, rattle and bop (not stroll) down to where the fantastic FLASH CADILLAC will be ripping it up.”
-The Los Angeles Times